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It was last year that I first saw Kim for a very painful toe. I had been referred to a specialist and was told that an operation was the only option to have the toe splinted. For me an operation was the last resort. I was told about Kim and how successful her massage treatments had been with other clients. I made an appointment to see her and have not looked back since. The treatment was very painful but after a few sessions I was able to walk without pain. No need for the operation.
Cherrie Bourton
In July 2010 after a short 10 week jogging course I began getting pain in my lower back and in my left leg. An MRI scan showed a slipped disc which was pressing on my sciatic nerve running down my leg.
I started a course of treatment starting with physiotherapy, part traction, electrotherapy, heat treatment and some pilates. All suggested by the specialist at the hospital. Unfortunately none of these treatments worked for me and the sciatic pain got worse. I also saw an osteopath for many treatments but this did not work and the pain got worse and at times was unbearable, from waking first thing the pain would start and be so intense that I would have to stop what I was doing and sit down. I would have to think twice about anything that involved walking, journeys, family outings. That was my life for almost a year until one day when mentioning the pain I was in to my hairdresser she told me about Kim and how she thought she could help me. I thought that after all of the treatment I had received so far I had nothing to lose by trying another treatment I just wanted to be free from pain.
After the 1st treatment the next morning I got out of bed and there was no pain whatsoever, 11 days passed with complete pain free days. I could not believe the results after just one treatment. I am still having treatments with Kim and I am so happy to say that there is no sign of the terrible siciatic pain that ruled my life for a year. I wish I had found her sooner.
Kim Pozzilli.
Ware. Herts.
I found Kim’s details on the internet in January 2011; I was searching to find someone who could give me a massage that evening to help ease the pain I was suffering all over my body! To this day I remember my desperation and distress I was feeling at work. All I could think about was getting help & Kim came to my rescue.
I walked through her door with the weight of the world on my shoulders, I had tried SO many other options and I found I was left to suffer by the NHS after seeing my GP and several “experts” who could only recommend Pilates?!? I had started to feel like a hypochondriac due to how I had been treated yet Kim empathised with every symptom I had and also explained why it was happening.
Due to a vast number of stress issues on my muscles I was seeing Kim twice a week at first just to ease the discomfort. However, it took only a few months to make such a drastic improvement that I am now only receiving full body deep tissue treatment every 6 or 7 weeks. I am really happy to keep this up as I feel amazing now (and sleep so well) after my therapy plus we get to review my progress in order to stop any previous health problems returning. She has worked in conjunction with my personal trainer and occupational health at my place of work to get me to where I am now. I am eternally grateful.
I couldn’t praise Kim’s style, knowledge and manner more highly and if anyone I know even has a twinge I rush to recommend Kim!
Rebecca Smith
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