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Reproductive Reflexology and Fertility Massage

This treatment works by promoting the hormonal feedback loop helping it to communicate properly. The Pituitary gland hypothalamus and ovaries need to communicate properly for the body to conceive. If there is an imbalance it can make it difficult to conceive. Reproductive reflexology is designed to help the body do this.

The Pre-Conceptual care programme  

Female Fertility
Every woman's cycle is individual and will be unique to her. The programme is tailored to the individual and any dysfunctions of the menstrual cycle will be addressed within the programme. The initial treatment involves weekly treatment throughout one entire menstrual cycle. Once the cycle is regulated a maintenance programme will be followed. 

Some of the dysfunctions of the menstrual cycle could be:
Progesterone Deficiency
Painful Periods
Heavy Periods
Ovarian cysts

Male Fertility
Male pre-conceptual care programme
If couples have been having trouble conceiving for along time it is important that their partner has a semen analysis to make sure that everything is healthy with their sperm If this has not been done you could end up working with the female when from a fertility perspective they are perfectly healthy.

The following male conditions may be helped with reproflexology
Low Testosterone
Vasectomy Reversal
Hydrocele (swollen scrotum)
Testicular cancer (2 years after the end of chemotherapy)


Fertility massage is a gentle abdominal massage that may help to  promote  the hormonal feed back loop the communication between the pituitary hypothalamus and ovaries which is vital if conception is to happen.
It may help to increase circulation to the ovaries clear out congestion reduce inflammation and promote hormonal balance.

Some of the causes and diseases of infertility that it may help:
Ovarian cysts
Irregular periods
Heavy periods
Painful periods

When dealing with fertility issues Kim quite often uses Reproductive Reflexology and Fertility Massage together if agreed with the client.

Please feel to give Kim a call or email to discuss your needs
01992 587364

Prices for treatment
1st Treatment 1 hour 30 mins £65
Following hour treatments £40

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